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Miller Revolution Construction Harnesses

Miller Revolution Construction Harnesses

Designed to meet the durability, all-day comfort and safety requirements while working at heights on a construction site, the new Miller Revolution Construction Harnesses offer the same key features that have made the original Miller Revolution Harnesses the most comfortable and user-friendly products available.

A construction site is a tough environment, however the design and materials used on these construction harnesses are up to the task. In fact, the harnesses use heavy-duty webbing that is almost twice as strong as the standards require, and is certain to provide the longest service life possible.

SKU Description
R10CN-MB/UGN Mating Buckle Legs
R10CN-TB/UGN Tongue Buckle Legs
R10CN-MB-BDP/UGN Mating Buckle Legs, Removable Belt, Side D-Rings & Pad
R10CN-TB-BDP/UGN Tongue Buckle Legs, Removable Belt, Side D-Rings & Pad


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