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The OceanMaster liferaft is renowned for its uncompromising quality and design sophistication. In addition to meeting the requirements of the International Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1996, as amended (except for 4-person model), the OceanMaster is manufactured to NATO AQAP 1 quality standards and holds approvals from most major international marine authorities, including the United States Coast Guard and UK Department of Trade.

Today, there are over 40,000 OceanMaster liferafts in service on commercial, naval and fishing vessels worldwide. These rafts are available as high-drop and Davit-launched models.

  • Manufactured from coated textile, corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber, ensuring its durability

  • Fully enclosed double skinned high visibility canopy complete with retro reflective tape

  • Non-inflatable easy access boarding ramp

  • All OceanMaster models come with SOLAS “A” Equipment Packs

Dual Liferaft Roll-off Rack System:

The Dual Liferaft Roll-off Rack System allows flexible storage and ease of handling with minimal operator input. These racks are a convenient alternative to traditional cradles and integrate easily with contemporary ship designs. Launching can be performed by a single crew member. The rack system is made from galvanized steel and can be installed in a wide variety of locations on the vessel.

Emergency Pack details:

SOLAS ‘A’ Pack

  • 6 USCG/SOLAS Hand Flares

  • 4 USCG/SOLAS Parachute Flares

  • 2 USCG/SOLAS Smoke Signals

  • 1 Bail Bucket

  • 2 Paddles

  • 1 Topping-Up Air Pump

  • 1 Sea Anchor with SS Swivel

  • 1 Spare Sea Anchor

  • 2 Sponges

  • Repair Kit

  • Signal Whistle

  • 2400 Cal. Food Bars

  • 4.2 oz. Water Packs

  • Repair Plugs

  • 1 Drinking Cup

  • Seasick Tablets

  • 1 Flashlight

  • 3 Extra Batteries

  • 1 Flashlight Bulb

  • 1 Signal Mirror

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fishing Kit

  • 3 Can Openers

  • Sea Sickness Bags

  • Thermal Protective Aids

  • 1 Floating Knife

  • 1 Lock Back knife

  • Survival Instructions

  • Throwing Quoit w/ 100 ft. line


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