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Titan Non-Stretch Full-Body Harnesses

Titan Non-Stretch Full-Body Harnesses

Lightweight, durable webbing for all day comfort and dependability.

  • Rated to 400 lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity

  • Fully adjustable designs

  • Sliding back D-ring

  • Trilingual labeling and instructions

  • Two pull-free lanyard rings

  • Contractor harnesses also feature a removable tool belt and back pad with side D-rings for positioning

SKU Side D-Rings Shoulder Strap Buckles Chest Strap Buckles Leg Strap Buckles
Full-Body Non-Stretch Harnesses
T2000/UAK No N/A Mating Mating
T2007/UAK Yes N/A Mating Mating
T4000/UAK No Mating Mating Mating
T4007/UAK Yes Mating Mating Mating
T4500/UAK No Mating Mating Tongue
T4507/UAK Yes Mating Mating Tongue
Contractor Full-Body Non-Stretch Harnesses*
T4078/UAK Yes Mating Mating Mating
T4577/UAK Yes Mating Mating Tongue


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