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Tool Lanyard 1150911

Tool Lanyard 1150911

  • Prevents tools & objects from falling below causing potential damage or injury

  • Designed to hold a 10lb tool if dropped while working

  • Durable connector at one end and choking band at other to connect in a variety of ways

  • Choking band utilizes cord keeper that tightens onto a tool giving a snug connection

  • Tool lanyard extends from 42” to 50” to give you an easy range of motion

You are at risk from falling objects when overhead work is being performed. There is a danger of being struck by power tools, two-way radios or hammers if a worker above you loses his grip. Injuries can range from minor abrasions to concussions, blindness or death.

The new DBI-SALA Tool Lanyard from Capital Safety reduces workplace injury and equipment damage by allowing you to connect your tools to your tool belt or harness. It is designed to hold a 10lb piece of equipment and versatile enough to be used with a variety of tools.

The DBI-SALA Tool Lanyard extends up to 50” to give you plenty of room to easily operate your tools on the job. It features a zinc plated connector at one end and a choking cord at the other.


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