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Tychem BR/LV

  • Broad protection for hazardous materials
  • Uses include chemical handling and petrochemical manufacturing
  • Mult-layer composite barrier laminated to a strong, nonwoven substrate
  • Tear-, puncture- and abrasion-resistant for lasting,consistent protection
  • Extensive permeation data by independent lab on more than 285 chemical threats on Tychem BR and Tychem LV
  • Tychem BR and Tychem LV provide at least 30 minutes of protection against 282 chemical challenges
  • Tychem BR 611 T and Tychem LV 611 T are certified to NFPA 1994 Class 2 and NFPA 1992
  • Tychem BR is yellow for high visibility; Tychem LV is olive drab for discretionary purposes


Coverall: SCBA face piece interface hood, rear zipper closure, triple storm flap with hook and loop closure,jam fit removable/field replaceable neoprene outer/Barrier inner gloves, attached socks, outer boot  flaps…

Coverall: collar, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, ealstic wrists and ankles sm-5x

Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles

Coverall: hood(respirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks,outer boot flaps sm-7x

Encapsulated Level A: rear entry, EX(extra wide) faceshield(PVC 40mil/Teflon 5mil/PVC 20mil), gas-tight PVCzipper glosure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, two exhaust valves, flat back,             internal…

Encapsulated Level B: front entry, standard faceshiel(20mil PVC), zipper closure, double storm flaps with hookand loop closure, two exhaust vents, expanded back, elastic wrists, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x

Encapsulated Level B: rear entry, standard faceshiel(20mil PVC), zipper closure, double storm flaps with hookand loop closure, two exhaust vents, expanded back, elastic wrists, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x

Encapsulated Level B: rear entry, standard faceshiel(20mil PVC), zipper closure, double storm flaps with hookand loop closure, two exhaust vents, flat back(airline access), elastic wrists, attached socks, outer boot flaps…

Combo Suit(jacket and bib overall): JACKET; mandarin collar, conical cuff, front zipper closure, storm flap BIBOVERALL; adjustable webbing straps with closure individually packaged sm-4x

Jacket: mandarin collar, front zipper closure, double storm flap with hook and loop closure, elastic cuff sm-4x

Bib Overall: adjustable webbing straps with closure sm-4x

Hood: standard faceshield(20mil PVC), pullover, hook and loop waist closure one size fits all


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