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Tychem CPF 3

  • Strong and durable garments with broad chemical barrier
  • Tychem CPF 3 is a multi-layer barrier film laminated to a durable 2.0 oz/yd^2 polypropylene fabric
  • Tychem CPF 3 provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 149 chemical challenges
  • For rigorous activities and rugged situations involving liquid splash
  • Tychem CPF 3 is a tan for discretionary purposes
  • Tychem CPF 3 198 T/199 T are certified to NFPA 1992 (2005 Edition)
  • Tychem CPF 3 HD garments are intended for use by law enforcement, HazMat and hospital personnel
  • Offered in respirator fit hood and collar style for use with a PAPR; ideal for hospital first reciever applications
  • Tychem CPF 3 HD garments include integrated gloves and improved closures to reduce response time, deliver a high level of dexterity and tactility, and improve protection


  • Coverall: collar, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles sm-5x
  • Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles sm-7x
  • Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks sm-5x
  • Coverall: hood(respirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks,outer boot flaps sm-5x
  • Coverall HD design: collar, front zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, jam fitremovable/field replaceable neoprene outer/Barrier inner gloves, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x
  • Coverall HD design: hood(repirator fit), front zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure,jam fit removable/field replaceable neoprene outer/Barrier inner gloves, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x
  • Coverall HD: hood(repirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with hook and loop closure, elastic wrists andankles sm-5
  • Coverall HD WG: hood(repirator fit), Guardian butyl oute/ Barrier inner gloves, front zipper closure, storm flapwith hook and loop closure, elastic ankles sm-5
  • Coverall HD: hood(repirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with hook and loop closure, elastic wrists,attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-5x
  • Coverall HD WG: hood(repirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with hook and loop closure, attachedsocks, outer boot flaps sm-5x
  • Encapsulated Level B: standard faceshield(20 mil PVC), rear entry, zipper closure, double storm flaps withhook and loop closure, one exhaust vent, flat back(airline access), elastic wrists, attaches socks, outer bootflaps sm-4x
  • Encapsulated Level B: standard faceshield(20 mil PVC), front entry, zipper closure, double storm flaps withhook and loop closure, one exhaust vent, expanded back, elastic wrists, attaches socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x
  • Encapsulated Level B: standard faceshield(20 mil PVC), rear entry, zipper closure, double storm flaps withhook and loop closure, one exhaust vent, expanded back, elastic wrists, attaches socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x
  • Combo Suit(jacket and bib overall): JACKET; mandarin collar, elastic wrists, front zipper closure, storm flapBIB OVERALL; adjustable webbing straps with closure sm-4x
  • Jacket: mandarin collar, front zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, elastic wrists sm-4x
  • Bib Overall: adjustable webbing straps with closure sm-4x
  • Apron: snap neck, long sleeves, waist ties, elastic wrists, 44″l sm-4x
  • Hood: EX(extra wide) faceshield(20mil PVC), pullover, hook and loop waist closure, one size fits all


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