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Tychem SL

  • Effective protection against a range of chemicals
  • Uses include waste mangament, hazardous response and nuclear enviroments
  • Tychem SL is Saranex 23-P film laminated to Tyvek fabric
  • Rugged and durable, even in enviroments where abrasion is an issue
  • Tychem SL is white for high visibility
  • Tychem SL provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 124 chemical challenges
  • PI= individually packaged


  • Coverall: collar, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure sm-6x
  • Coverall: collar, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles sm-6x
  • Coverall: collar, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks sm-6x
  • Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks sm-7x
  • Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles sm-7x
  • Coverall: hood(respirator fit), front zipper closure, storm flap with tape closure, elastic wrists, attached socks,outer boot flaps sm-6x
  • Apron: bib style 36″
  • Apron: long sleeves, waist ties, elastic wrists, 44″l sm-4x
  • Apron: long sleeves, waist ties, elastic wrists 52″l
  • Sleeve: elastic top and wrist 18″l/22″l


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