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Tychem TK

  • Premium protection against toxic and corrosive gaseous, liquid and solid chemicals
  • Leading garment chosen by HazMat responders worldwide
  • Extremely durable, puncture- and tear-resistant fabrics
  • Wide range of garment styles available, including totally encapsulated, vapor protective Level A and liquid-splash protective Level B suits
  • Tychem TK provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 322 chemical challenges
  • Tychem TK is a high-visibility lime yellow


Coverall: hood, front zipper closure, double storm flaps with tape closure, elastic wrists and ankles sm5x


Coverall: hood(respirator fit), front zipper closure, double storm flaps with tape closure, elastic wrists,attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-6x


HazMat Encapsulated Level A: front entry, EX(extra wide) faceshield(PVC 40mil/Teflon 5mil/PVC 20mil), gas-tight PVC zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, two Auer exhaust valves, expandedback, internal adjustment belt, internal Barrier gloves, outer butyl or Viton gloves, knee wear pads, attachedsocks, outer boot flaps with elastic call for sizing


HazMat Encapsulated Level A: rear entry, EX(extra wide) faceshield(PVC 40mil/Teflon 5mil/PVC 20mil), gas-tight PVC zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, two Auer exhaust valves, expandedback, internal adjustment belt, internal Barrier gloves, outer butyl or Viton gloves, knee wear pads, attachedsocks, outer boot flaps with elastic call for sizing


HazMat Encapsulated Level A: rear entry, EX(extra wide) faceshield(PVC 40mil/Teflon 5mil/PVC 20mil), gas-tight 

PVC zipper closure, double storm flaps, two Auer exhaust valves, flat back, 

internal adjustment belt,internal Barrier gloves, outer butyl gloves, knee wear 

pads, attached socks, outer boot flaps with elastic sm-4x


HazMat Encapsulated Level A: front entry, EX(extra wide) faceshield(PVC 40mil/Teflon 5mil/PVC 20mil), gas-tight 

PVC zipper closure, double storm flaps with hook and loop closure, two Auer exhaust valves, flat back,internal adjustment belt, Guardian butyl outer/Barrier internal gloves, attached socks, outer boot flaps withelastic sm-4x


Encapsulated Level B: front entry, standard faceshield(40mil PVC), zipper closure, double storm flaps withhook and loop closure, two exhaust vents, expanded back, elastic wrists, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x


Encapsulated Level B: rear entry, standard faceshield(40mil PVC), zipper closure, double storm flaps withhook and loop closure, two exhaust vents, expanded back, elastic wrists, attached socks, outer boot flaps sm-4x

Hood: standard faceshield(20mil PVC), pullover, hook and loop waist closure one size fits all


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