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About Us


We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you All-Ways Safety, Inc.

     As our name implies we are in the personal safety and protection business. Here is a brief description of the areas we cover:


    We are one of the largest distributors of Protective Apparel in the Tri-state area. We resell directly from the manufacturer; therefore we are able to offer very competitive pricing and the best quality and integrity.


    Gloves are our specialty, any type of glove you are looking for we have them. We specialize in off-brand that offers low cost and high value, to serve you better.


  Dust and fumes are dangerous to inhale. Here at All-Ways Safety we have the right protection for the right job, Dust Masks, Respirators from brands like 3M, North, Survivair etc. with a full line of replacement Filters & Cartridges for all your needs.


    We carry a full line of Eye Ear & Head protection, like Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs, etc. Our large inventory on most national brands, make it easy to obtain the right protection.


    With the Pads, Booms & Socks etc. that we offer, spills are a breeze to clean up. So please don’t hesitate to count on us for all your spill containment needs.

    You can count on our highly professional sales people to be very knowledgeable and helpful with product information and order processing. Our well-trained customer service staff is always ready to assist you with your questions and needs. Fast service is our priority, when placing an order it will be at your doorstep within 24-48 Hours.

    So please give us a call today at 1-866-881-SAFE and you’ll never need to go anywhere else.