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Sorbents (Gray)

 Gray:  Universal sorbents are designed to absorb all  liquids, chemicals, and solvents.  Boom-Gray 5″x10′ 4pk  Boom-Gray 8″x10′ 4pk  Boom-Gray 8″x20′ 2pk  Double Boom-Gray 5″x10′ 8pk  Poly Sock- Gray 3″x10″ 4pk  Poly Sock- Gray 3″x46″ 12pk  Pillow-Gray 3″x18″x24″ 10pk… Read More

Sorbents (White)

White:  Oil only sorbents are designed to absorb all petroleum-based liquids and oil based products Boom-White 5″x10′ 4/pk Boom-White 8″x10′ 4pk Boom-White 8″x20′ 2pk Double Boom-White 5″x10′ 8pk Poly Sock- White 3″x10″ 4pk Poly Sock- White 3″x46″ 12pk Pillow-White… Read More